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Design A Product

Starting with a simple sketch on a marketing concept, Meiloon partners with customers by providing experienced engineering, precise manufacturing, stringent quality control, reliable product delivery and turn that concept into a successful product.

R&D Analysis Machine

B. Loudsoft / Finecone , Finebox , Finemotor
C. B&K, test machines
D. MLSSA ,test machines
E. LMS, test machines
F. 3D design system equipment
G. Anecholoc chambers

Project Management Team

Meiloon have a professional project management team to service you from your initial concept design all the way through after service .

Mission of Meiloon project management team .
  • To win the project .
  • Be responsible from project start till project E.O.L.
  • Define product strategy and roadmap. Gather and deliver product requirements documents and product specifications.
  • Run pilot programs with early-stage products and samples
  • Work with sales and R&D teams to ensure customer satisfaction goals are met.
Speak to your Meiloon project management team for more information !

CAE / Finite Elements Analysis

Strain/Stress /Resonance Check
Optimal Design
Fine Tune
Diagnostics / Trouble Shooting